In my world, the month of October is a busy month with fall parties, birthdays, anniversaries and everything scary.  Ghosts, goblins…and now clowns… invade October with the culmination being the last day of the month and the scariest day of all – Halloween!  With all of this fright flying around, I realized that October is the best month to initiate big changes.  Days and nights of October are already full of fright – why not merge in a little more?

Change is scary!  Change often thrusts us out from our warm, cozy comfort zone into the cold, uncertain area of new beginnings.  With any big change, we often torment ourselves with questions like: Did I make the right decision?  Was change really necessary?  What will be the result of the big change?  Will I be better off?  Scary, scary, scary!!

I’m taking a leap of faith during the scary month of October.  I am doing what I always preach to my clients to do – I’m putting myself out there!  I’ve updated and completely changed my website, created accounts in everything social media and have produced a whole new marketing plan.  All of these changes roll out on October 12 and I’m already asking myself if I’m ready for the scary changes.

When I am working for a client, I’m a lioness.  I’m tough and confident and unafraid and fearless.  I don’t hesitate to communicate with people I don’t know, ask questions and do whatever needs to be done to obtain the results my client wants for their business.  Somehow though, I’m different when it comes to me and my business.  The lioness has left and all that remains is a tiny lion cub who is cute and sweet but timid and afraid of all the unknowns.

Truth is, a lion cub has to grow up and venture into unknown territories and survive and they do it.  So, let it be proclaimed that on October 12, 2016, in the middle of the scary month of October, I changed out of my lion cub ways and morphed into a full time lioness – not only while working for clients but also while working for myself.

Change is scary – but stagnation is scarier.

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