As a child, riding in the car at night through the city was my favorite thing to do. I loved looking in windows to see how people had the inside of their houses decorated. During daylight hours, I enjoyed just looking out the car window and taking in the different types of houses, the different sized yards, the different colors of the dwellings and the different types of porches. I have been passionate about houses for as long as I can remember!

When I started my virtual assistant practice in October of 2001, I knew right away the type of clients I wanted – real estate agents and brokers! The thought of mixing my administrative and customer satisfaction talents with my passion for homes seemed like a no brainer.  After 15 years, I have built a very successful practice that centers around client care and I still absolutely love what I do – I have worked my passion!

I have achieved several certifications in the real estate industry including the Real Estate Professional Assistant (REPA) certification through the National Association of Realtors.  My education mixed with my experience make a powerful equation for success!

In my real estate assistant career, I’ve been privy to the ups and downs that buyers and sellers experience when being a part of a real estate transaction. I’ve received emails from agents (other than my clients) thanking me for my professionalism, dedication and assistance throughout the process. I’ve had my share of closing emergencies where the buyers are sitting at the table and the title company comes across something that wasn’t on the HUD that is keeping the closing from happening. I’ve been responsible for last minute issue resolutions that have ensured that potential new property owners got to be new property owners. I’ve seen the happy participants of a real estate transaction as well as the not so happy ones. Through it all, my #1 priority has always been that my clients receive the utmost customer care and, that as a representative of my clients, they are always portrayed in the absolute best light.

Working our passion, professionalism and the desire to provide the best client care (not only to our clients but also to every participant in the real estate transaction) is the driving force behind what The Real Estate Assistant does every single day.  Contact us today and let us show you how partnering with The Real Estate Assistant can help you work your passion!


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